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LEFTover Experiment # 8
Samstag 11. Dezember

20:00 Uhr

at Militärkantine

Kreuzbleicheweg 2




The project

The project 'Leftover' is a platform of improvisation, through movement, word and sound. Many ideas are lost when rehearsing a new piece, many musical blueprints never see the light of day or get released. With that thought in mind the performance artist Elenita Queiroz brought together a group of four artists to research what is left, turn it over, play with it and stream it live while performers are still not allowed to work their craft in front of a real life audience.


One edition is never the same of the other and takes place  in a different set. A challenging and curious experience for both performers and audience as well. Once we are allowed a live audience, the shows can be attended live as well, while we will keep streaming live. For theater and stage performers streaming is a new aspect to consider, a new challenge that brings more facettes, possibilites, as well as risks.


In collaboration with the Kunstmusem St.Gallen we kick off the first 3 installment of a serie that will happen monthly throughout 2021.  On June 20th the LEFTover Experiment ♯4 took place at Bruggen Bahnhof - St.Gallen with the special guest Velérie Maerten. On August 28th LEFTover Experiment  ♯5 happened at the Ig Tanz Ost's office. For the Experiment ♯6 we were glad to join the program of Neustartfestival, on September 11. The show took place in front of the Frauenpavillon at Stadtpark St.Gallen, at midnight!! 

the Experiment ♯7 will crossed the local borders and arrived in Wil, on October 31, at 18:00h, at the amazing location of Hof zu Wil. 


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Concept and art director

Elenita Queiroz



Boglárka Horváth (actress)

Elenita Queiroz (dancer)

Mara Natterer (dancer)

Raoul Nagel (musician)


Live-streaming and video artist

Morena Barra

Tomas Kolter / Monkey Productions



Kay Appenzeller



Mischa herzog


A project by


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