photo by Kay Appenzeller
photo by Kay Appenzeller

I am full time wife and fresh mother of a lovely boy... as well as Choreographer, Performer in Contemporary dance, Dance pedagogue and Cultural manager. Born in Brazil, my education includes a Bachelor (Diplom)  of Dance by  University of Campinas - UNICAMP(Brazil) and a Master Degree in Theater - Expanded Theater Program by Bern University of the Arts, HKB (Switzerland). Recently awarded with  "Förderpreis für Choreografie" by TanzPlan Ost and Societé Suisse des Autors, I work mostly on individual authorial projects and in collaborative processes. I am an enthusiastic dancer who brings the beat and vivacity of my culture deep inside my heart, body and soul.  Specially in what concerns to teaching, my biggest motivation  is to spread the joy of dance in a way that people, of any age,  get in touch with their own inner vibrating energy and thus see the potentialities that arises and surround each one of us. Living in St. Gallen (Switzerland) since 2016, I believe that we can always do more for Art and our society. Thinking on this, in 2017  I co-founded  the culture association "Basis 56" ,  in partnership with the visual artist, graphic designer and writer Mischa Herzog.


Over the years, I have been constantly searching for collaborative projects with the aim to share and learn different and diverse techniques. Since the graduation in dance I participated in collaborative projects creating and performing numerous dance pieces, also in artistic residences as Djerassi Resident Artists Program (California USA), ACA - Atlantic Center for the Arts (Florida USA), Movimiento en las Sierras - Rural Arts Center (Argentina) among others. My most recent piece called 'la ultima" had premiere on November 01st, 2020 at Raum für Literatur - St.Gallen counting also with the great participation of the dancers Mara Natterer, Anna Zurkirchen. In 2019 it was the time for "NU" a transdisciplinary performance developed in partnership with the artists Sheida Damghani, Boglarka Horvath and Jessica Cuna, which premiere took place in St.Gallen, at Offene Kirche. Before that,  I created the dance piece,  48",  produced in 2017/2018 at the context of my studies at Master in Theater - Expanded Theather of Hochschule der Künste Bern, for wich I recently received the "Förderpreis für Choreografie". In 2017 I developed the work "OFF one's turn", premiered in Switzerland and presented also in Deutschland,  in collaboration with KOMA Kollektiv.  I am co-founder and president of the culture association "Basis 56", a project in partnership with the visual artist, graphic designer and writer Mischa Herzog Back a little bit on time, from 2010 to 2015 I was member of the scenic experimental group “Núcleo Mirada”, with Karime Nivoloni and Liana Zakia. From 2010 to 2013 I joined the dance company Mercearia de Ideias, directed by Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni. I am co-creator of the “Hell's Dance Corporation”, with the performer Edson Calheiros - São Paulo 2014. From 2012 to 2015, I also worked on the art- education field at Programa Vocacional Dança – from Cultural Department of São Paulo City, the following institution has as main goal to develop initiation activities and artistic experimentations on the suburbs of São Paulo.


Being part of a creative process and going further in my studies and dance research allow me to get in contact with different ways of being, thinking, seeing, creating, flowing and relating. I am interested in the merging of the expressive language, in the enchantment, in the hybridisms of artistic expressions, in the dialogue with the audience, in the body that breaks into sweat, in the pulse, in what makes body, art and life so unique, always questioning and reflecting on contemporary issues and subjects that touch me in my daily life. I like to open myself to people, who are interesting and sensible, in order to learn, exchange and grow.


In my point of view, dance is about energy, synergy, flowing, and searching. It is about transforming something ordinary into the extraordinary; everyday, and, tap into the unknown. It is about taking risks and being out of your depth. It is about taking part of something that goes beyond the individual. Dance is more than just movement, it is the ability to see, to look, to listen, to love, to suffer, to boil, to be hurt and make mistakes. It is about to experience the breeze, the flesh, the light, the storm. It is about being insatiable. It is about to find the connection between Chaos and Beauty.