la ultima



Der Gewinner des "la ultima"-Lotteriewettbewerbs ist Daniel Grob. 

Sein Text "Die letzte Nacht" wird Teil der Trilogie sein, von der die Show "la ultima" inspiriert sein wird.


Wir haben 15 Texte erhalten, alle sehr interessant. 

Der Verein Basis 56 ist für Ihre Teilnahme und Ihr Engagement sehr dankbar und lädt Sie zur Veranstaltung

"Lesung" ein, die am 21. Oktober 2020 um 19.00 Uhr im Café St.Gallen, Hauptpostbibliothek St.Gallen, stattfindet.


Literary Contest


LA ULTIMA - dance and literature in 3 variations


... Imagine: In an uncertain future, suddenly all the women on earth - all but one - LA ULTIMA disappear. What will happen then? What will this woman stand for? Will this last woman be a queen, a slave, a martyr, a heroine or ...? How will society deal with this situation? And what kind of society will be "born" of it? 

Having this situation above as starting point Elenita Queiroz is developing a dance theatre piece based on three texts on these questions, written by Mischa Herzog, Bettina Scheiflinger, and ... you? 

We invite writers and authors to develop their own personal text on the topic of La Ultima:

  • Literary style - freely selectable (prose, poetry, short story, ...)
  • Maximum length - 5 pages.
  • A text will be selected from the submissions to serve as inspiration for the development of the dance performance. The text will be chosen by  the artistic director Elenita Queiroz, the choreographer and guest dramaturge Ted Stoffer with the literary technical advice of Bettina Scheiflinger.


  • The text will be printed in a format of a booklet* together with the two texts produced by Bettina Scheiflinger and Mischa Herzog. This booklet will be distributed at the performances of La Ultima  under the system  "pay how much you want".
  • The author will have the opportunity to read his/her text in public alongside the  other two authors at the event "Lesung - Dance and Literature: La Ultima" (October 2020). the exact date, time and location will be released later.
  • The winner will receive two tickets to the premiere of La Ultima on November 1, 2020 in the Raum für Literatur in St. Gallen. And will be invited to visit a rehearsal.

Deadline and more

  • Deadline: September 1, 2020
  • Send to:
  • Subject: "La Ultima - literary contest"
  • Text language: German or English 


-    The author remains the ownership regarding his/her  written work and assigns the rights of use it (including  printing it as well as the free scenic adaptation of the referred text) to the artistic project La Ultima as long as it is carried out and performed for an unlimited time.  Further details will be agreed between the parties at a later time.

-    The amount resultant of the distribution of the booklets*  will belong to the project and will be used to help to cover the printing expenses.

-    Once sending the text to the email of the contest the author automatically agrees with all the conditions here described.

Still having doubts? Send me your questions no later than 28 August ;)