is a non-profit association for the promotion of art, culture and education for more intercultural understanding and tolerance.

As lovers of culture and art, Mischa Herzog and me have made it our business to underline the importance of culture and art for society. We believe in diversity and in working together as a basis for the development of our activities.

In the personal encounter of different cultures and artistic languages as well as in the discourse of socio-political conditions we promote more respect, and understanding between cultures in favour of a lively, pulsating and heterogeneous society. 

The purpose of this association is the development, production, promotion, dissemination and support of arts and cultural initiatives. As well as education and information through lectures, seminars and workshops. 


The association is politically independent and denominationally neutral.


Would you like to join the Basis 56 or support our projects? Please, contact us: +41 079 951 1092