TanzPlanOst Associated Artist

Elenita Queiróz 


"I claim for Stillness as an act of rebellion, as my inner savagery, as a survival strategy!" 


 This project arises from a personal as well as socio-political urgency: from an inner refusal towards an endless, exhausting neo-liberal (production) logic and the accompanying demands we are supposed to constantly fulfill in our everyday life, our roles and functions, in our professions, as mothers as well as in my case as an artist. 

"I refuse. I stay. I am. I become. The endless, exhausting, massive and compelling accumulation of functions (mother, artist, dancer, teacher, partner...)  as well as social and professional expectations (productivity, creativity, appearance, job satisfaction, etc.): an avalanche that overtakes the body. I simply refuse and call for resistance: I don't do. I don't go. I won't. Then the body sighs and pauses, latent, in inner effort, in tension, in subtlety, in doubt, in strangeness, in slow decomposition, in impending collapse. Dead birds. Struggling - to turn back, to rebel, to survive."


Body, silence, portrait, wilderness, contemplation, landscape, collapse, stasis. These terms are explored within the creation of the piece. In doing so, the year-long TanzPlan Ost Associated Artist Program provides me with a framework for in-depth research and process-based work.


In this project I count with the collaboration of the dancers Mara Natterer, Charlotte Mathiessen and Léa Thomen; the dramartugic assistance of Ted Stoffer and original music from Raoul Nagel.

I warmly invite interested people and local artists to participate in this process in a variety of formats. Come closer, take a look  and participate in person in the many activities that will take place in Lichtensteig (April), St.Gallen (May), Trogen (June). Participation in only one of the formats is possible (Workshop and Landscape Section belong together). All formats are described in more detail bellow.

For more info, write me: elenitabqueiroz@gmail.com


- All activities are free of charge and conducted in English and German.

- Registration in advance (until 13:00h of the day before the desired activity)  via elenitabqueiroz@gmail.com

- Please indicate in the subject line: Warning + name of the desired activity (Workshop and Landscape Section). 


A portrait of the creative process was register and produced by Choreographers at Work, a project by Mona De Weerdt and Michelle Etllin. 👇

Last round



We go towards the last phase of the project what includes an open sharing of the work-in-progress , the Premiere and the further shows.


+ Feedback

+ Ápero


24. September

17:00 - 19:00h 

at DER POOL - Raum für Kultur

Dürrenmattstrasse 24, St.Gallen


Subscription: elenitabqueiroz@gmail.com




13. und 14. Oktober


Tanzhaus Zürich


21. Oktober


Phönix Theater - Steckborn


29. und 30. Oktober

20:00Uhr / 18:00Uhr

Lokremise - St.Gallen



Work-in-progress activities


After summer holidays the project takes a new phase in which we concentrated our energies  in building body moves material.  In the next few days we will be accompanied by the choreographer and Dramaturge Ted Stoffer in intensive work days. Based on the idea of developing an creation process in a closer dialog and exchange with the audience, we invite you to take part in some of the following activities:



with the choreographer and dramaturg Ted Stoffer.


6. August

10:30 - 12:30h 

at DER POOL - Raum für Kultur

Dürrenmattstrasse 24, St.Gallen


Subscription: elenitabqueiroz@gmail.com








with Charlotte Mathiessen, Elenita Queiróz, Mara Natterer and Léa Thomen.


We open to the audience the material we have been working on during the immersive week-work with Ted Stoffer. We invite the ones present to stay a bit longer after the showing to give us a feedback in a short and  informal after-talk.

Stillness is our theme and open mind is our mood!


7th August - Sunday

17:00 - 17:30h

at DER POOL - Raum für Kultur

Dürrenmattstrasse 24, St.Gallen


Reservation: elenitabqueiroz@gmail.com


with Elenita Queiróz and guests.


In this afternoon we open the space to, thought an easy going conversation, to exercise our "minimal rebellions" and put them practice in collective actions.

This is a partnership with MOBILE, das Freiluftparlament.


27th August - Saturday

17:00 - 19:00h

at Frauenpavillion, Stadtpark, St.Gallen


Subscription: elenitabqueiroz@gmail.com



open studio

"I call for proximity as an act of rebellion, as our first desire." 


At the Open Studio, my team and I open the doors is for any person curious to see how a contemporary dance piece is created. By means of this format, artistic research and creation processes are to be made accessible and demystified. The focus is on trying, testing, discarding, and the methodological as well as craft aspects of choreographic work. 

Stop by to see what we're up to and what's going on!



21.04 | Thursday |  online 

22.04 | Friday | 19:00 – 20:00Uhr | Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst, Lichtensteig

11.06 | Samstag | 16:30Uhr – 17:30Uhr | Rösslisaal, Trogen  


"Stillness in Action"

"I call for the art making/been as an act of rebellion, as our unstoppable force." 


This workshop presents to the participants the basic concepts of the project as well as introduce practices linked to body movement and stillness. Under the guidance of Elenita Queiróz the participants will develop choreographic material for the subsequent   performance "Landscape Sections". 


23.04 | Saturday | 14:00 – 16:00h | Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst, Lichtensteig

14.05 | Saturday | 14:30 – 16:30h | IgTanz Zentrale, St.Gallen (Tanzfest 2022)

18.06 | Saturday | 10:30 - 12:30h | Rösslisaal, Trogen


Target group

Young  (14 years and older) and adults 



No previous dance experience is required.   

Participants* are asked to bring their cell phones and headphones to the workshop and performance.      


"Embodying Stillness and Pause"

The workshop, taught by the professional dancer Wilma Vesseur - living in Trogen -  is intended to share expertise among those interested in the subject, generate collective knowledge, and provide learning opportunities.


Mapping the flow of autonomic and somatic nerves will reveal different aspects of Stillness within the Moving Body and Mind. Awareness in Stillness is trained as to differentiate the sensations of Pausing: Pause as Resistence, Pause as Interruption, Pause as Suspention in liminal Time, Pause as... The exploration of Physicality of Absence will lead into opening pathways for the Unknown to slip into what's experience as a Momentum of the Know. (Body-Mind Centering, Improvisation, Autonomic Movement Practices).


13.06 | Monday | 10:30 - 12:30h | Rösslisaal, Trogen - Free entrance


Subscription via email: elenitabqueiroz@gmail.com



"Practicing Rebellion"

"I call for encounters as an act of rebellion, as our secret (to) escape." 


The Practicing Rebellion  Café format is an informal meeting where participants* exchange ideas about the topic of rebellion/exhaustion and the associated individual feelings, social issues as well as practical aspects of everyday life. The focus will be on the question: which "micro-rebellions" do we want to see/make?

Let's talk about rebellion(s) while having a drink and initiating  them together!


22.04 | Friday | 20:00h| Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst , Lichtensteig

11.06 | Samstag | 17:30h - 19:00Uhr| Rösslisaal, Trogen 


short performance

"Landscape Section"

"I call for mutual contemplation as an act of rebellion, as our shared sovereignty." 


The "Landscape Section" are performances in which the participants of the workshop take part in by presenting the body-stillness in a collective composition.  Pause, suspension, pose, contemplation, beauty, strangeness. These are central themes that manifest themselves in this show and on the final stage production. Passers-by are invited to pause, to discover, to be surprised. 


24. 04 | Sunday | Landscape Section n. 2 | 16:30h | Lichtensteig*

14.05 | Saturday |  Landscape Section n. 3 |  17:00h | Roter Platz, St.Gallen (Tanzfest 2022)  

19.06 | Sunday | Landscape Section n. 4 | 17:00h |  Trogen*  CANCELLED!!!

*Ort der Durchführung: wird noch festgelegt 



Participation in the workshop is a prerequisite for participation in the presentation. 



from 15-45 minutes, depending on the number of participants, the location and weather conditions.


"I call for permanence as an act of rebellion, as our right to remember." 



Landscape is a classic of the visual arts. Do you have a passion for the visual arts or are you a professional or hobbyist visual artist? Then you are invited to paint/draw/photograph the performance "Landscape Section n.2, n.3, or/and n.4". Your work can become one of the postcards that will be part of the creative material of the project.